Circus Charlie

Circus Charlie is a single-player abstract platform game in which the player must guide the eponymous Charlie through six different circus events. Bonus points can be won by finishing a level as quickly as possible, with further points awarded for collecting any of the money bags that occasionally appear.

Finally, additional bonus points are awarded for completing a level without losing a life. The game is over when all Circus Charlies are lost.

The six different events are:
1. Ride a lion and jump through fiery hoops and over blazing pots.
2. Jump over monkeys while walking a tightrope.
3. Bounce on trampolines, avoid fire breathers and sword jugglers.
4. Jump on giant, rolling beach balls.
5. Ride a horse while avoiding obstacles.
6. Trapeze.
1-2 Players
Produer Konami
Year 1984
Genre Platform
Rating 1984
Players 3.2


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