SlikkNikk's Donkey Kong Jr. Remix

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Additional Info:

Donkey Kong Jr. Remix Multigame Kit offers seven new levels, four bonus levels and the original Donkey Kong Jr. levels. Its compatible with U.S. and Japanese boardsets as well as the NEC D780C processor.


DK Jr. Remix levels

DK Jr. all original levels

DK Jr. with Remix engine (refinements, fixes and control improvements, etc.)

Donkey Kong Junior Remix Features:

Seven new stages, four new bonus stages plus the original four stages

Most stages have additinal variations later in the game

New attack items: Umbrellas, Pies and Light Bulbs

New variations of Snapjaws with different abilities

Special Kill Screen at level 22

Level indicator that finally shows levels above 9

Donkey Kong Junior Classic can be selected when starting a game without having to switch back to original Donkey Kong Junior ROMs. Classic mode plays the same stages as original Donkey Kong junior but runs in the Remix game engine and fixes many of the bugs present in the original game (control lag, inconsistent springboard, etc...)

Kit Features:

Option to save 0, 1 or 5 top scores for all games

Option to set free-play mode in all games

Ability for each game to have unique dip switch settings

Original or Donkey Kong Junior Remix can be set as the default game

Switch between games simply by holding down the jump button from attract mode

Compatible with both U.S. and Japanese Donkey Kong Junior PCBs and ROMs

Uses your original Donkey Kong Junior ROMs when playing Donkey Kong Junior

Top 10 scores on this game

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