Video tutorials

Our series of video tutorials is designed to get you up and running quickly by walking you through the various Arcade Icons tools designed specifically for the needs of classic arcade game collectors and arcade owners. 

If you don't find the answers to your questions in these videos, you can always ask for help or report bugs in the user forums By Clicking Here

Adding Your Games & Venues

The first in a series of tutorials designed to help arcade game collectors and operators get the most out of the tools available at Arcade

Create an event and invite guests

In this video we look at creating and managing events, inviting guests and allowing users to register for your arcade event themselves.

Create and run an arcade tournament

In this video we cover all the points of creating an arcade tournament, creating open registration, adding games, guests and judges.

Multigames & Virtual Tournaments

In this tutorial we discuss multi-game systems, MAME and creating a new venue to host a virtual tournament for players in different locations.

Full Screen high Score Game Slides

A quick overview of the new full screen game slideshow features and how to show them full screen on your arcade TV, iPad or projector.