From Garbage to Galaxian in a Day
I try and take a trashed arcade cab and restore it to a presentable Midway Galaxian in under 8 hours....
Joel tries to use a CRT rejuvenator
I bust out the dusty B&K 467 CRT Rejuvenator to inspect the tube on the monitor of a Tapper machine.
Thief Restore Major Wood Repair
I picked up a Pacific Novelty 'Thief' arcade cabinet that had been converted first to a Mortal Kombat II and...
Two Games One Truck
I've got 'Twin' games arriving on a truck from Portland, OR. What are they? Well you'll just have to watch...
Atari Star Wars Cockpit Restore is finished
We come to the end of the restoration of the Atari Star Wars Cockpit project.
Star Wars further register repairs
More shift registers replaced.
Star wars shift register repairs
Mathbox issues from bad shift registers.
Testing Star Wars Sound Repair
It's time to fire up the sound boards to see if my repair worked.